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About Me

Everyone deserves to have a knowledgeable attorney help them plan for the unthinkable.

We want to help you prepare for the unplanned with affordable, comprehensive and caring attention and expertise.  Many of us, especially when we’re younger, don’t think about what happens to our home, car, property, or investments if the unimaginable strikes and we do not have a will and a basic estate plan.  I get it-I thought I was invincible once and didn’t think about what would happen if my adventures removed my invincibility.

I bring 25 years of experience as a prosecutor where I had a front row seat to the harsh realities of an unexpected loss of life, and the difficulty faced by a grieving family when a person has no will, medical directives, or plan for what should happen when they are gone.  Young or old, a little preparation can go a long way towards helping loved ones take care of your affairs the way you would want it done.

At 1310 Law, we are here for you.  Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you.

With My Help, You Can Rest Easy

Will & Estate Planning

What will happen to your car, mountain bike, pet, motorcycle, SUP, bank account?  If you have children, who will take care of them?  With a will and some basic planning, you decide who gets what and who should take care of children or pets.

Living Wills, Medical & Financial Power of Attorney

If you can’t tell doctors what treatment you want, someone you trust can speak for you.  If you need bills paid or other financial needs met, someone you trust can act for you.

Legal Advice & Help

Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to about a legal question or problem so that you can get a direction to move forward, whether it relates to settling an estate or some other issue with a legal twist.

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